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Yoga Retreats Abroad

Since 2011 we have also taught on retreat in Gozo, Sri Lanka, India, Bali -at two different centres, France, Greece, Cyprus the Maldives and Malaysia. All of our recent retreats coming as a result of an invitation.

Ayurveda Yoga Retreats with Panchakarma in partnership with Ahimsa Garden retreats Kerala S.India

We have now had six Ayurvedic yoga retreat at Ahimsa Gardens Kerala,  as you can see from some of the feedback below it was a wonderful experience with all the students wanting to return

I highly recommend the retreats offered by the Yorkshire Centre for Wellbeing. The Ahisma Garden Retreat in Kerala has been amazing! What a little gem! I have tried various treatments and therapies around the world over the years – in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc. but Ayurvedic treatment is in a league of its own.

It is possible to visit an Ayurvedic centre after chemotherapy and radiation to restore the immune systems; it is unique and highly effective. Dr Daisy Kuchinad, the founder of Ahimsa, knows only too well as her own beloved son had Cancer aged only 20. A physician based in the US, she researched the planet to find someone to help her son and found Dr Nair. He is a top Ayurvedic doctor based in Kerala. There is something very special about this man; his intuition is incredible – he truly has a sixth sense. He treats patients with panchakarma, Ayurveda’s premier mind-body healing treatment; a unique programme of deep cleansing, purification rejuvenation to detoxify the mind and body, strengthen the immune system and restore balance.

I genuinely feel different after a week of treatments – plus the added bonus of looking younger with less cellulite! Daisy has set up a lovely, homely villa with beautiful tropical gardens in which she is conserving rare Ayurvedic plants and the most incredible yoga studios with wooden floors restored from ancient temples, set at tree level amidst the Indian jungle.

Emma Ashforth

In a sentence: The best thing that has happened to me for a long time, it has changed my life.

  From the day that I agreed to go on the Ayurvedic  retreat  I knew it would be good for me but my expectations were far surpassed!

The Ahimsa retreat was truly amazing .  

Ahimsa is a large house with several floors, the yoga studio being on the top floor with amazing views over the large gardens and beyond.
 We had our Ayurvedic consultations with Daisy  (a western trained medic) and the two Ayurvedic doctors. This was most interesting and  decides the treatments we are given. These treatments are carried out on the roof top daily following meditation and yoga at sunrise.

Meditation and yoga taught me so much and Anne Marie was amazing.  All I can say is bliss!  The mornings were for me the best time of the day.

I knew that I would be happy and excited to learn more about the Ayurvedic  lifestyle as I had attended a weekend retreats at the Wellbeing Centre

The India trip emphasised how our yoga practice, when taught so encouragingly by Anne Marie, supported the Ayurvedic  lifestyle. Ayurveda is about discovering the best possible version of ourselves and I believe that reading and learning about the Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga ( One of the styles of Yoga taught by Anne-Marie on retreat) and the practice of our yoga with thought and dedication started this process of discovery for me.

 Daisy is also a very knowledgeable person and was an inspiration to us all.

We had fascinating discussions with us about her varied and  interesting career and her Western/Ayurvedic lifestyle.

We were very much spoilt with three lovely meals a day served in a lovely atmosphere. There was free time to read, walk or sleep but we had optional arranged fun activities too.  

These included displays of Indian dancing, martial arts display and trips to the local shops with the options of tuk tuk transport, henna artwork, and best of all a boat trip on the backwaters with lunch and musicians on board.

Reflecting on the retreat overall the most important aspect for me was the inner peace and calm that I found whilst in India.  I hope that I have managed to maintain some of this on my return to the hectic UK. It really is the health of the mind, body and soul that counts and the retreat certainly introduced me to that. I will certainly return.
Catherine Rycroft

I’ve recently returned from a third consecutive annual visit to Ahimsa.The essence of the experience for me, in addition to practising meditation and yoga in such an inspirational setting at sunrise every morning, is the Ayurvedic treatments.  The impact of having now undertaken my third mini Panchakarma was reflected in the feedback I received from the Ayurvedic doctors at my final consultation.  They told me that my body was very much in balance (which was not the case last year) and the fact that I have committed to a regular visit each year means that my body has been ‘cleaned out’ and the treatments are now maintaining that balance.  I was very pleased that the doctor’s report indicated that there was ‘no stress, no strain and no tension’ present in my body which I was surprised about as I’d felt quite stressed before I left the UK.  I believe that this indicates that in times of stress I now have the tools to bring myself back to a calm, grounded and still state very quickly.  In fact, I was denied having the blissfully calming Shirodhara treatment, where warm oil is drizzled across your third eye, as I was told that I was already very calm! I was advised to keep doing what I am doing and ensure I undertake regular exercise.


To be honest, the experience can be challenging at times, and it needs to be supported by what you do when you get home, but if you are serious about improving or maintaining your wellbeing on a physical, emotional and spiritual level then I can highly recommend a visit to Ahimsa.
Melanie Richardson

Yoga practice in the smaller studio

In accordance with Panchakarma, Daisy’s wonderful staff serve delicious, organic, mainly home-grown, Ayurvedic, vegetarian food to cleanse the body for the duration of your stay. There is time to relax and recharge and time to experience the amazing Indian culture with a boat trip on the stunning backwaters, live traditional Indian music and dance, a visit to a Hindu temple and an Indian yoga and Kalaripait martial arts’ show.

The Keralan Backwaters have been a trip of a lifetime! It is life changing! I truly feel that Ayurveda is a lifestyle to be as healthy as possible in a non-aggressive way, one that I intend to continue to follow. I now feel that annual Ayurvedic treatments are key to today’s busy life in the West. I think I would have burned out and become seriously ill if I had not taken the time to heal myself and it is an ongoing, lifelong healing process. The combination of East meeting West with a top conventional doctor and top Ayurvedic doctor means you are in the safest of hands with the best advice from both schools of thought. Ahimsa is not only an Ayurvedic retreat but also a yoga retreat, with our own highly experienced, international teacher –  Anne-Marie Burford leading the yoga

At meal times, Dr Kuchinad leads inspiring discussions, putting the world to rights, including chats about Ayurveda, modern medicine, philosophy, yoga and pranayama, to name a few.
I have learned a lot; I feel enlightened, inspired and extremely positive! All this for a very reasonable price. I am so grateful and I shall be back!


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